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We can supply, install & maintain your refrigeration and
air conditioning equipment with our 25 years of cooling experience.


Total Cool can offer a solution to all aspects of refrigeration from the smallest cold room to a large chilled distribution facility.

    We specialise in...
  • High humidity rapid cooling systems
  • Hyrdo cooling
  • Positive pressure pack house and food preparation areas
  • Racked distribution areas
  • Chilled water systems

Air Conditioning

We can deal with every type of requirement, ranging from wall mounted split systems to commercial VRF systems.

    Total Cool air conditioning offers...
  • Highly efficient systems
  • Reduced running costs
  • Claim tax relief via ECA scheme

Cold Rooms

Total Cool can design and install tailored cold rooms to suit the client's specific needs. Our cold rooms can be built externally or within an existing building shell. We carry out a full design, installation and commissioning package.

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Friga Condensers

Total Cool are the sole UK agent for Friga condensing units!